The Book is Coming

Well, biking to work is neither as bad, nor as invigorating as I had imagined it could be.
I got total props from a Bud Lite truck that had the decency not to mow me down and my cheeks are attractively flushed. On the other hand, I have a chill that I know is going to melt into a coughing fit that could rival Gone With the Wind in length and depth. For tomorrow, I need to remember a hat, gloves, 2 more layers of clothing, and heavier socks. Otherwise, it was all good.
I haven't heard from my crush since around New Year's and the truth is that I think I may have offended with one of my recent decisions regarding the issue that I am not discussing here. If I did offend regarding that issue than too-fucking-bad; he wasn't worth my time. If I didn't offend, I seem to have lost my charm and I'll just have to get back used to hanging out at home with my pets.
Who crack me up.
Somehow, they decided that the duvet used to cover my down comforter would be a tasty treat. When I got back from vacation, I noticed several tears in the fabric. Upon closer inspection, some of those tears were revealed to be the exact size of Maggie's mouth - little fang punctures where she couldn't get a good hold on the material. She seems to have had some biting then pulling routine going because these tears are numerous and I can only imagine the weird chaotic scene that must have happened during the execution of the crime. Then, yesterday, I let them out for a bit when I got home from work. It's been raining here and anytime that it rains, we get great, big puddles in the driveway. I changed my clothes and went down the drive to check the mail. Standing chest-deep in one of those puddles was Grace.
Chest deep.
Since when do cats eat duvets and go wading? What kind of anti-Christ animals do I have? Are they aliens? Is this normal? If I sent Grace on a fishing trip in Montana, would she come back with a delicious bass for me? And what does Maggie have against the duvet? I mean, it's old, yes and it's not somethine I would select now but I currently can't do much about that as I don't have $70 for a new duvet and I don't have the sewing machine that would allow me to make one. Should I worry about all types of blankets? Maybe I can send her to therapy and she can deal with her reverse blanket issues - most people treasure the security of a favorite blanket but my cat seems to want to destroy those comforts.
I definitly prefer to work under pressure.
I wish for my crush to call me tonight.
I hope my friend Jenn does not have a brain tumor.
If I can get through the next 4 months, I am writing the book. I was going to call it "I was a Fox Kids Club Spice Girl" but now, I think I'm going to call it "The Legends of an Ordinary Life".
It's all mapped out in my head - I just need to know how a couple of things turn out in the end. My plan is that he admits he is mad for me and that the issue I'm not discussing is dismissed. Those turn-outs would be legendary in my ordinary life.

arizonasarah at 7:48 a.m.

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