Sleep Barf Amend Clean Home

Me and sausage are not buddies. Make it chorizo and make it first thing in the morning and you've made me miserable. I am fighting the urge to yak and drinking as much water as is allowed in Southern Arizona, considering the whole desrt/conserve sceene.
Well, the Situation is not a good one. If I was absolutely, without a doubt a violator, I would end it right now. But I'm not.
And I witnessed some very depressing stuff yesterday and I am writing a letter just as soon as the turmoil in my belly ends and I feel like I weigh a little less than the 10 billion pounds that I feel like I weigh right now.
Just typing that makes me feel all barfy.
There's all kinds of stuff going on but I am planning to sleep through most of it. I finally feel asleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon yesterday but then I woke up. I know I talked to a couple of people on the phone but I don't know who those folks are and I don't know what I said, I'm so tired. I can't stop yawning today, so it's a good sign that when nightfall arrives, I won't automatically snap wide-awake and start fretting about every everything that I can think of.
Dang, I need a 7Up or something.
And a big old bed with clean sheets.
I can't write all that muich right now, due to the fact that I can't trhink that well right now.
I am thinking about heading home but that's doesn't seem like something I would be allowed to do without notice today. Plus, if I got home, all I'd want to do would be to clean and that is not really a restful-type of activity.
I bet that if Starting Over was on in the afternoon instead of in the morning, I would be going home at lunch.
Man, I want to barf.
But I don't want to waste the time off, considering the Situation that I need to amend.

arizonasarah at 11:30 a.m.

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