Old Friends and Gold Friends

I partied like it was 1989 this weekend. My friend came down form Northern AZ and until I got drunk and wanted to relive the torrid heat that we had a couple of times 3 years ago, I was really bored.
Here's a bit of advice. When you stop partying the way that you did at 27, you are going to have a few friends with whom you don't know what to do. You probably had an amazing connection, or a really tight bond or some other bullshit that can usually be attributed to a combination of sexual attraction, booze, and admiration for pool playing skills. When you sober up into a normal level of adult consumption, you have some people who clearly can be eliminated from your circle. Basically, you don't see them anyway because they are at the bar and you are well...
Then you have some people with whom you re-connect, or with whom you connect over something else, like books.
Finally, there is that nebulous pile of folks who are really nice but who you just are not sure what to do with unless you are tossing cheap beers down your throat and dancing around trying to be cute, succeeding ONLY because of the amount of alcohol that the others in the room have consumed. These people partied with you, puked with you, watched the wrong side of 6 am a few times with you, walked you home, piled into your bed, let you sleep on their couches, and hooked you up when you needed the hook up. Becasue they are nice people and you are nice people, you do't really let the friendships end.
But they just aren't the same as when you were a Partier.
So this weekend, I returned to being a Partiers for 48 hours and I once again fully enjoyed my friend from Northern AZ. We laughed, we cried, we had INCREDIBLE, neighbor-waking sex (sorry again about that, Will) (And Sunny) and then he went home and to be honest, I was happier than I'd been when he left town in the past.
I guess the whole thing is that some friendshops are really, really great but they are kind of isolated to a certain type of interaction that isn't feasable on a day-to-day basis. I'm not going to give up those friends or love them any less than my everyday gang because thye are truly wonderful people with a lot to offer...
And come on, who am I to pass up the hottest hookup this side of the Mississippi.
The last time we hooked up was on the OTHER side of the Mississippi, so I guess we have the whole country prety much covered.
Okay, indulge me for a minute.
Three years ago, it was the hottest sex I have ever had and last Saturday, it was aagain the hottest sex I have ever had.
Dude and I can't go wrong in the sack. We can't work as a couple but day-im, can we work as a team.
I am still all smiley and stuff.

arizonasarah at 1:13 p.m.

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