The Future is Posted

Well, I got my March horoscope all printed out and soon, I'll transfer all of the "great date nights", and "Dear Pisces, money will come your way and you will SHINE" tips into my date book.
I learn every, single month, that my horoscope is full of shit and that any great date night will be trashed by poor scheduleing, cramps, or my inability to shut the hell up.
I know that when my horoscope says that I should be expecting some windfall, that means gas prices will drop a couple of pennies just as the little orange light comes on in my dash, reminding me that I had better fly into a panic and expect for my car to be stranded on the Southside (No, I don't really hang out on the Southside. No, I don't live too far from any filling stations. Shut up) and I'll be all out of gas and then, because I drive a fucking Honda Civic, the most stolen car in the USA, my car will get stolen and it'll be one more damn thing to add to the crap sandwich that has been served at the lunch of my life.
That horoscope is total bullshit but every, single Day 1 of the Month, I faithfully type in the url, and I faithfully wait with my breath slightly held, until I can click on the Pisces link and view my forecast for the upcoming month.
I am also still addicted to printing it out and highlighting it and keeping it for reference throught the month.
It's so bogus and yet every month, I hold out hope that it might just be true this time and that in the past, when it didn't seem to ring the way it indicated, that maybe I was just missing something or not "getting the Cosmic message". I am pretty sure that it's mostly bullshit and that as a "Dear Pisces, I am running head-long into the bullshit, hoping that for once it will be the shit of something like marshmellows. Which don't shit. Get it?
It's another fucktified analogy that only I could create but that somewhere, someone is going to read it and be like, "That is fucking brilliant."
Dear Pisces, you genius.

Speaking of marshmellows, I love marshmellow candy. I love those bunny eggs, witht he pastel sugar coating on the outside and IO love those cupid-type candy things that you can get at Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I live in a state made up primarily of desert and dry air. Marshmellows and marshmellow-based product dry out here and become crystalized, crumbly sugar flakes that simply will not do. I want my marshmellow candies to be soft on the inside and slightly sugar-crunching on the outside. I want to fell "Bite; melt."
Got it?
And I want some gd changes in life.
I want to make it clear:
Changes are good.
I need some input, and not the critical kind, but the spirit-food kind.
I'm ready to be a real person.
I miss Namoli but not the relationship.
I function better in alternate realities and with people who let me hang out there.
I wish I had some pain-killers because they are fun.
I really like my friends and for once, I don't feel shitty about myself for calling them and relying on them.


arizonasarah at 10:15 a.m.

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