Hide the Stash

Here comes mommy!
Hide the stash, my mother's coming to town. Luckily, I'm not even sure exactly when. It could be tonight, while I am taking my transgendered ex-girlfriend out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays; or, it could be tomorrow, while I am scarfing down donut holes with pricey coffee drinks and a brief stint back with the ciggies that I love so much.
No worries.
Just laundry and cat bathes and trying to get to watch Survivor without the ex knowing that I am hurrying out of dinner, or delaying it by an hour and a half so that I can watch the people that Mark Burnett hand-picked to run around a lucious island in bikinis and bandanas and talk about each other. God, I can't miss it.
I also have to do an art project because I am a bad ex-girlfirend. I got this pretty sweet present and then the cats had a little adventure while I was at work - the present was sitting on the counter near a plant that I forgot to move back outside...
I don't think I need to go into huge detail here.
So I need to get my art on and make something that says, "I care about you very deeply but I'm not all creepy and stalkery but I'm still not really ready to see you with someone else."
No worries.

I'm so stressed out that my head is itchy and I feel all bloated.


arizonasarah at 8:52 a.m.

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