Miss Perfect Head

I have spring fever. I want to re-arrange my bedroom and paint stuff and open all of the windows, even the ones that might leave me susceptible to attack by the aryan nation drug king that lives down the street. (Hi!Call me!)
I found out that there is one crack house causing all of the discord on the block. Luckily, the sketchy swamp dwellers who call it "Where my Mail Gets Delivered" are the scum of the earth - white supremecists.
There's like an enclave or something right around the corner from me. Apparently, when the roach king was released from prison (last time), he sought a clever hideaway for himself and his roach-breeding roachy friends. This came in the form of a well-hidden backlot of apartments. There is a lot of foliage and the apartments are set way back off of the street. This does not prevent roach juice from spilling all over the rest of us. Just the other night, my neighbor woke to the disturbing conversation that I'll relate here:
"Dude, don't."
(muffled muffly muffle)
"I'll stab you if you do."
(walking around)
"Do it again and I'll stab you again."
This artful exchange was taking place in the parking lot RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW. The guys who live in the casitas that use said parking lot have motion detectors all over the place and they even installed a baseball stadium sized light that stays on non-stop.
Like any other roaches this world knows, the aryan asshat roaches are now used to the light and stabbing each other in THE PARKING LOT BEHIND MY HOUSE despite the light.
These fuckers are not right.
This hide-out is the sole source of the shootings, the cops, the yelling, and the stabbing.
I hope they go back to jail soon and are forced to be bitches to some minority drug king, I really do hope that's what happens.
I'm all worn out today, and for no other reason than that I am ready for a nice long weekend of doing nothing. I got a plane ticket yesterday to go to Chicago in May. Not coincidentally, I am going to Chicago the weekend in May that Namoli is playing in Chicago. Namoli does not know this yet. I'm not sure that I'll tell her. I was supposed to go last year, while we were still together and I don't know...
I guess I just freaked out a little. I was too afraid to make that kind of committment to the relationship. "Committment," you ask?
Yes, committment. Traveling is not something I do easily or take lightly. If I am coming to see you, you are damn lucky. It's just not where I put my money and my time and last summer, I was not ready to put either money or time to the relationship. I'm really proud of myself for actually getting plane tickets, taking the time off of work, and going all by myself to Chicago. I will get to see my best friend for a long weekend and I'll get to karmically do something that I have owed for almost a year now. I haven't been back to Illinois but once since I moved out here and I kind of miss that old Prairie State. It will be nice to see...
No, soybeans?
Lake Michegan! The Sears Tower! The John Hancock Building! Chelsesa Dilava! The Gay Mart! Cullen's! Cheap beer!!
Sarah's goin' home, people and she's doing it at the impetus of love and don't ask me (the proverbial her) to explain that sentence because I think it only makes sense in my head.
Which is perfect.
I forgot until recently that I have a perfect head. In college, I had this friend who was an unsuccessful model. She had a good eye, though and I had a thing for wearing my hair in a very high pony-tail. The first time, and every time after, when she saw that pony-tail, she exclaimed: "You have a perfect head! The shape of your head is perfect! When people say, what's the shape of your head, you have to respond: Perfect. You have to always wear your hair like that!"
And I pretty much did so because it was a very easy style for a stoner-slob like I was back then.
I've taken that pony-tail back to the top of my perfect head and I am getting all these compliments again for the 'do.
I know!
It's a sloppy pony-tail, right?
But something is working because the compliments are flowing in again.
Hello, Perfect Head.
I've missed you all these years.
But now that we're reunited, I hope we'll stay together in a close and loving relationship.

arizonasarah at 2:25 p.m.

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