C is for COOKIE

"C is for Carrot?"
Cookie Monster advocating healthier foods is "c is for crazy", if you ask me, and you didn't but that does not prevent me from adding that as a childless person but one who is a full-on representative of the Sesame Street generation, I think Cookie Monster should back away from the brocoli.

C is for cookie, okay?
It's good e-nough for me.

I am a fat, aging cat-owner with a love for cookies an addiciton to TV and those things are NOT the fault of Cookie Monster or any other puppet that was born in the 1970s for the sole purpose of entertaining me.

Cookie Monster, I think maybe if Bob wanted to give up cookies, that would be one thing but Cookie, you are the ONE guy on TV who is allow to be totally and completely out of control when it comes to that which you find delicious.
Do you really LIKE apples?
No, you like cookies.
Would be happy with less screen time but the same amount of cookies?
I thought so.

Leave the cookies for the Cookie Monster and the control for the people and then, everyone who is parenting, for fuck's sake YOU exercise control over what you fed your fucking children and stop blaming puppets and looking to TV to teach your kids how to eat right.
Bo and Luke Duke didn't teach me how to drive, just like Sesame Street didn't teach me how to eat.
And ironically, as a sidenote, I may have been better off if those two facts were reversed. Does anybody have $1,200 I could borrow?
No for real, I need $1.2K ASAP.

Leave the puppets alone.

arizonasarah at 9:36 a.m.

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