A dog?

I'm getting a dog.
Well... I'm pretty sure I'm getting a dog. I've never, ever had a dog.
My friend's dog had puppies and they need homes and this is a small dog.
I'm all about commitments these days, so what better commitment for someone who's conviction levels tend to be in the non-existent category.
I'm thinking that a dog could actually be a really good thing for me.
Don't get me wrong, dudes - nothing will ever replace G-Love and Maggie Sauce. They're my bitches, yo, and they're super hot pets but I can't take them to the park and if I don't go home after work to let them out, the worst thing they do is knock a couple of pictures off of the wall or tear up an entire roll of toilet paper.
No big, but a dog....

...a dog will require that I make a schedule and stick to it, unlike the kittens who just hang out and do whatever they want to do, whenever thyey want to do it. Not that I don't take care of the cats because I totally do! I brush them and bathe them and I make sure their stuff is clean, even though Namoli said my house smells like cat pee and I am still not convinced that she was kidding. Just fucking tell me - DOES IT SMELL LIKE PEE? Nobody else says it smells like pee but maybe you're more honest with me than other people are.
I could have a nervous break-down over this if I think about it too long but dammit, give me some kind of sign either way about the pee, OK? Swamp cooler smell kind of like bodily fluids because they can smell a little moldy when you first turn them on but this year, Joseph treated Swampy with some cleaning treatment so it really should NOT smell like any type of urine...
At any rate, the kittens are very well-loved and I don't want to replace them or make them feel like they aren't enough pet for one person because they are actually like about 12 pounds (huh, isn't that what Grace weighs? Why yes... yes, completely coincidentally, 12 pounds is the weight of that cat) too much pet.
I've never had a dog and I've always wanted one.
Hell - I've never had a commitment that I couldn't blow off and this would be a very cute commitment, one that comes complete with a waggy tail and a willingness to learn tricks like maybe a back-flip or something.

I feel like doing a little doggie dance.
Maybe I'll teach my dog a doggie dance. Wow, it feels so weird to say "my dog".

arizonasarah at 12:55 p.m.

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