Turds in the Lanes

Jesus it's hot.
I just went outside for a breaklet and walked around my building and swear, the ring I have on was starting to burn my finger. There's no blistering yet, but I expect that it will soon follow.
Someone told me this morning that she got a $75 ticket for having her dog at the high school by my house.
The sign says "No animals on the track."
I can understand that. Who wants to risk turds in the lanes and a pee-smelling asphalt surface. The animals go in the field that the track surrounds, not on the track itself. I've never seen piles of dookie or dogs that chase people or anything that you see at the dog park that is nowhere near where I live. From what I understand, the dog park is somewhat of a drive and once you get there, you face irresponsible owners who bring their children to frolic with strange dogs and dogs that attack other dogs. Of course I'd rather walk up to the public high school, where there is a public park with areas for skateboarding, tennis, baseball, rollar-derby, a track, and a field that could be used for football, soccer, and dogs who want to run around.
I pay for the park, why can't I use the park?
If the dog is not on the track, the ticket doesn't happen.
But of course, as I have learned fairly recently, the law doesn't give a shit about technicalities. Maybe it's the heat or my current moaning feelings toward work but seriously?
Leave the dogs at the high school alone. The football coaches don't care. I've often been there when they are arriving for evening practice. They drag all of their equipment out and say hello to the dogs who might be there and let us know when we need to clear out and everybody is respectful of that.
Of course I'm trying to get in a complaint and make this situation go away.
I'd be on the phone to my alderman right now, but his office is closed for lunch.
Oh yes, you heard me.
His office is closed for lunch.

I'm in a terrible mood now and cannot be held responsible for my actions if I start nervously picking zits, cramming my face full of processed sugar, or pretending not to hear you, don't call anybody. It's totally normal and probably healthy.

The woman who got a ticket indicated that their are some people in the building really early in the morning and they are sticklers for the rules. I say, if they are sticklers for the rules, they should come out to the fields and see what exactly is going on - are the dogs leashless and chasing people? Is there doo-doo all over the place? Most importantly, are the dogs on the track? Because the rules say that the dogs can't be on the track. They don't say anything about the fields inside and outside the track.


Sitting across a narrow, carpeted hallway from my boss rreally isn't that great. I make it sound fun and "good for me" but let's face it: Nobody wants to be parked outside The Man's door. If you do, you might want to consider getting out a bit more because you'll find a whole bright and seductive world out there. Things like the Internet, Pimp My Ride, and Indian food; things that you may never have considered to be enjoyable would probably become quick adds to your list of favorites.

Being outside is like standing under a hair-dryer. I am supposed to go work out, but I missed my window of opportunity while I was on the phone, calling my Lunching Lady Alderman. Now I'm going to wait for whatever corporate fall-out might be coming my way on this mirage inducing hot day and skip my lunch and leave early.
If I didn't have a dog, I would change my clothes and take to my couch for the afternoon but now that I do have a dog, I will take her out for a brief refresh walk, run my laundry up to the Ghetto Mat, come back and feed the dog, take the dog out for poopies, run back to the Ghetto Matt to put things in the dryer, go home to hang up stuff I don't dry, wait for the sun to go down, and not take the dog to the park.

Is it possible that I'm tired of being kind of bitchy all the time? It's doubtful, at best. I think I'm tired of feeling like I HAVE to be bitchy because it's so mofo hot lately.
If the monsoons don't get here soon, I might dry up into a pile of dust and hair and skin cells and blow away in the blast furnace that is any recent Tucson afternoon.

arizonasarah at 12:26 p.m.

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