Stay the Sloth

There is something BIG brewing in my email and I hopehopehope that it turns out to be a success for me.

I'm not writing too much today - it's so hot and smelly and I have a lot to do at work.
I wish I had time to do this today but I just don't.
I do, however; have time to self-tan, eat almost a whole jar of totally salted sunflower seeds; cry about my checking account; have at least one, good daydream about my crush who is *supposedly* coming down Saturday evening to hang out (I'm not holding my breath there. He's weird); check the celebrity gossip that keeps me going from day-to-day; and pretend like I went to the gym.

Well. I might really go to the gym.
You may note that yes, this is normally a flex day off for me. The sauna conditions of my apartment have resulted in me doing something that is rare - this actually might be the first time I have done it...
I volunteered to come into work.
For the air conditioning.
And the free food.

Someone needed to do a client meeting and before I could stop myself, my Cavewoman sense of survival shot my hand up in the air and I shouted, "I'll do it! No problem! I'm in! What time do you need me! CAN DO!"
The only thing I can thnk of is that I went all primordial for a second and without thinking about having my wonderful, life-affirming, anti-soul-sucking flex day off, I must have heard "air conditioning" between the lines of "client meeting".

And so I'm off to what I hope is an afternoon that passes quickly so I can get home and slack off with my TV. The key to survival in a heat situation like this one is three-fold:
1. Salty snacks. Candy Jones is making sure that there's no shortage of salty snacks at my house!
2. Non-caffeinated beverages. Not a problem!
3. Motionlessness. I can just not move. At all. I think it's kind of awesome but I can see where it would bother someone sitting in the same room as me. Plus, if there's someone else in the room, I move a bit and that betrays the whole purpose of not moving to stay cool.

Have a great, albeit motionless, weekend!

arizonasarah at 8:40 a.m.

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