The Fun of Fantasy, the Thrill of Reality

Oh my gosh.
There's a Board Member who is out for my blood today, and not in a good way, either.

That's okay. According to some imagining last night, if all goes according to plan, I'll be a hot-shot TV writer with a house in the hills and a pool and a huge problem with cocaine. You know, because it's LA.
Everybody in the industry has a huge problem. If I am going to develop a substance abuse problem, you better believe I'm going to get hooked on a stimulant, not a depressant.
So when Namoli comes out and plays a gig in LA, I'll be all, "Yeah, come on over to my house, man."
And she'll get there and she'll look for me through the glass door and she won't see me but the door will be clearly open. Rosie will be barking soundlessly, BOING! BOING!, jumping straight up and throwing herself at the door because she recognizes my friend.
Namoli would open the door kind of hesitantly, "Sarah?"

If I don't get this project done, I will be done.
Not really but... it's pretty important.

I have the monstrous exam this Friday morning, which means, I can't even cram for it right before because right before?
I'll be asleep.
I wonder if I can still pull an all-nighter. I haven't really tested that kind of all-nighter since under-grad and frankly, there isn't enough No-Doz and Mountain Dew to make me even want to mess with the delicate fauna of my sleeping patterns. I'm sleeping right now, and it feels so good so you can basically forget about me MAKING myself stay up all night or becoming hooked on anything that might keep me awake for any of the actual restorative sleeping that I love getting lately.

Oh Jesus. The stupid office is in the stupid Midwest and if they don't answer, so help my sweet Jesus, because I'll go all kinds of zealot on their ass. My call is being transferred to a customer service representative but we all know that can be a total line.
Interactive Voice Response is so not interactive. Now I'm on hold and the service representative is going to look at the history of my (9) calls (today) and hopefully, the representative will notice that I have called 9 times today and have not gotten the BLANK forms that I need in order to preserve my job and splash my way into the hearts of the Board members at my company.
Nine calls, lady.
You do not want a piece of me, do you?
I thought to.
Now, let us go to the website for your company and we can hold hands and while we...
You faxed them already?
Well, I've explained that this 10th call we are having together is because I have not received...
You do? The faxed you've sent have gone through to me?
But I have not gotten them and I've been stalking the machine bank like a robber casing the joint.
Can we maybe go to the website and...
You'll fax them?
Great, no, sure, that's fine. Be sure to put down the ETA of my 11th phone call as being 1 short hour from now when I still have not received the forms I need and when I am closer to not coming through brilliantly in a pinch.

arizonasarah at 3:36 p.m.

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