An Open Letter to Sprint PCS

Dear Sprint PCS,

I hate you. Why did you turn my phone off AGAIN! My payment due date is September 17 and this morning, you sent me a note about that payment... it was something along the lines of, "Sarah! You didn't pay on time and now your phone has been turned off!"

Sprint, please define "on time" because I think you and I are having a serious disconnect (ha ha pun intended) in communication. I define "on time" as being on or around the due date. Your definition seems to imply that "on time" is three weeks BEFORE the due date.

Or perhaps, Sprint, this is a mistake. Yes, history does tell us that a mistake of this very same variety has been made on my account twice in the past and here we are again: Me with no cell service and one of your Reps about to get an earful of curse words and whining pleas, the likes of which have not EVEN been invented yet.

Sprint, if I call tonight and speak to someone who tries to tell me that I am anything less than a perfect customer whose business you want to retain, I will dive deep into my contract with you and I will find the one loophole that will let me out and possibly pay me some money. And then I will tell everyone on the World Wide Web.

Sprint, you don't know who you're messing with and this, my friend, is Strike Three.
I now hate you.
We don't go back once I hate you. I may be slow to act on my true feelings, I may put up with a lot of crap before I get out of a relationship but Sprint?
We're done here. You will turn my phone back on immediately and with no argument and then I will get you to let me out of your service and you will let me out for free.

Do you understand, Sprint?
For free. Sincerely, and believe me when I say sincerely, DJ AZ-Is

arizonasarah at 3:55 p.m.

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