Fake food

I spent my weekend learning just how iron Ironsides Rosie is and lounging by the pool.
Rosie can eat anything, and I do mean ANYTHING.
If you want details, you'll have to talk to me privately but basically, I am no longer going to bother calling the emergency vet when Rosie eats something that was never meant for the eating. She's got a gut that can handle anything.
I'm not going to run out and test that theory but the reality is that I am slightly jealous of my dog's ability to chow into anything that looks yummy.
I would totally eat fake food if I could. I bet that plastic display food, like the stuff they put out in sort-f shitty furniture showrooms, I bet that fake food has less calories that a real bbq dinner does.

arizonasarah at 1:56 p.m.

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