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Sarah Wides
Sarah Wides
Sarah Wides

This is my stupid blog and a bunch of people read it. But when I Google myself, Sarah Wides, the first thing that comes up an Illinois State Fair website from the year 2000, featuring myself, Sarah Wides, and the love of my life, Steve Rakers, reading the State Fair News of the Day after I had run a 10K and basically finished last.
And the next hit?
Well, it USED to be this website but I just Googled myself, Sarah Wides, this morning and the next hit after the State Fair thing is my thesis, which finally got published on my birthday this past March.
That's great and everything but hello?
I, Sarah Wides, wrote that thesis in the year 2000.

Does the world wide web have something against me, Sarah Wides, existing after the year 2000, because it seems that the only things documenting my time here are from the year 2000.
Am I supposed to be living back in time or something?
Because I will totally do so if that's like, where I'm supposed to be and everything but for now, I'm in the year 2005 and I want some credit for being here.

This website is laugh-out-loud funny and it better be first when I Google myself 4 seconds from now.

arizonasarah at 9:58 a.m.

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