I have been so sick with a cold and a fever... I've been moving from the bed to the counch and back to the bed and serve that up with a dollop of depression and you get me, today.
I don't really have anything to add except that I, too, cannot believe what has happened on the Gulf Coast.
Louisiana is perhaps my favorite place in the whole world and I came thisclose to chosing Baton Rouge over Tucson but that's neither her nor there.
I'm sort of numb that in this country, with the greatest military in the world, we can invade Mogadishu and Bahgdad but somehow can't invade a hospital in New Orleans.
I know there's more to it, I do but for right now, what the people outside of the city of New Orleans; all we kow is what we hear. No satellite phones are being dropped. Charity hospital can get everyone to the roof for evacuation but the helicopters fail to show up because they got fired at.
Well... you're the ARMY. Take counter-measures.
Deal with it.
This makes me wonder, like what happens in cities that are not in part of the US. Was everything we saw about troops saving Afganis propaganda? Seriously. If the National Guard is ordered to flee the scene at sniper fure from a ravaged American, than who else in the world is being fled from and under what grave conditions?
Mon dieu.
I'm not in a position to criticize anyone but the reality is that for whatever reason, things on all sides went out of control and they have not corrected themselves.
I believe that people are intrinsically good, and that people do their best, whatever their best might be and I will not let go of that belief.
In a terrifying situation, with a population of people who have been left behind most of their lives, the best may not be what my best is. The best might be to take care of themselves by taking advantage of a dire situation. As far as violence, I will openly admit that by now, if I was on my roof or being told that I have permission to march 2 miles to another highway, after I had been waiting waiting and waiting in the place where I thought I was supposed to have been waiting; it's completely possibly that I would have snapped and taken off in a boat, with weaponry and the intent to carve out survival for myself and my pets until the flood waters are pumped out and I can safely leave the area.
But I'm not there.
And I'm so sad for the people who are and for the people who want to be in their city, with everything back the way it used to be.

arizonasarah at 8:18 a.m.

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