Super Fan

I have a Super Fan.
I love it!
How hot is that?

Only in my world, hot is relative, right?
So here's how I picture my Super Fan.
He has a big foam number one hand that he wears when he sits down to read AZ-Is and he slides in the disk that is full of Sarah favorites like Boston and Kelly Clarkson and he has this hat right? It's a hat that has kind of a generic somewhere between baseball and trucker feeling to it and it creates hat head but who cares?
This is fandom, people/
So while listening to Tucson's Own Classic rock and hoping (because he knows I'm hoping) for a random REO Speedwagon 2-Fer, he dons the hat and the hand and every time he reads something funny, he's all standing and flexing and high-fiving the monitor,
"Yeah!!! Raw!!! Score!!! In your face bitches, in your face! Fuck that asshole! Yeah Arizona Sarah RUUUuuuuuHHHlez" and even though he spilled his big red Solo cup of Miller Lite a little on the keyboard, he doesn't care because I am so fucking inspirational and funny and the soundtrack blares,"Since you've been gone, yeah yeah! I can breathe for the first time!" and keeps him in the spirit of my life like so many tailgate afternoons at the back of a Bitchin' Honda.

And then there soundtrack comes down a little because I bring it down with a rare but real look into the soul of the writer. Dare I say... Serious? A moment of Truth, were this a Lifetime Television for Women movie. And Super Fan takes his seat, leaning close to the screen, knowing that something Important is going to be said.
While the theme song from The OC comes on and the warbliness grows to crescendo, "Cal-ifor-nia.
Cal-i-forn-ia", Super Fan has read everything up to, and including my nonchalant break-up with Jesus. Itís cathartic for Super Fan. He's kind of crying a little and holding that foam hand way in the sky, people. It's raised high and mighty and Super Fan feels Arizona Sarah, man.
Feels it.
Wipes away the tears in that way that guys do, with a thumb and the pointer from one hand and then a shake of the head to banish any trace of salty emotion.


When the cd ends and the available essays have been read and re-read, Super Fan reaches over to turn off the lights, holds up a lighter and takes in the last song on the soundtrack, "Just a small town girl. Livin' in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin' anyyyyy-where."

arizonasarah at 11:41 a.m.

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