Help Rosie, Help Me

You would think that the world wide web would be chock-full of punk rock baby tee shirts that I could put on my punk rock dog, right?
You just thought wrong.
I did find one that says, "My mama drinks because I cry" and it has this picture of a flask of Jack which...
You know.
It's a weakness. Hopefully Gems will have a dry wedding because there's always the risk with me and the whiskey.

There's also Sonic Youth stuff but if it was Nirvana, I'd totally get it for her.

You city people - help a sister out here. Rosanne Rosannadanna has a full social calendar and as the summer sun fades from the Southern Arizona sky, my dog will totally need a tank top to stay warm all winter.

arizonasarah at 4:12 p.m.

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