My Best Friend: A Tiny Summary

Have I ever mentioned that my best friend is a genius?
Well she is.
She gave me that whole thing about people doing their best.

She totally sort of tunes out when I get on some tirade but when I'm done, she totally pretends to have heard the whole thing and doesn't pretend like she has to get off the phone immediately.

She had an idea that I am working on that is going to win friends and influence people for me. I can't say what it is but I'll drop it hint-style. It involves the dog and my ex-girlfriend and a plan that, like I said, will make me very, very popular although it most likely will detract from my ex's stage a bit. Well too bad, sister. This is so awesome, it can't be NOT done!

She has serious discussions with me about Laguna Beach. I think there's something wrong with her that she thinks there's something wrong with my moral character if I am a Kristin fan. I say she's a throw-back to a lost era if she thinks LC is any better. We had to agree to disagree because soon after she warned me of my possible morality failings, I named a new Sim Kristin Cavelleri. Kristin is a hand model right now but I expect that she'll totally make swim-suit by the end of the weekend. Chips? When you get an LC Sim, we can have this battle out, simulated mano-a-simulated mano.

She pointed out that in situations like this one; the responsibility always lies with the party who is attached. I'm cool and have nothing to worry about. She did suggest easing off of the popularity bender that I'm on and maybe not inviting strangers to parties but rather asking a friend from work to get some pizza.

She's going to go to yoga with me while she's here. Anyone who's mean-spirited like me and who does Anusara is all, "On Friday night? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" And if you are one of those people, shut up. MY best friend is really strong and really healthy and she did gymnastics forever, so she'll be fine. I bet she'll be better than me because that's how things sometimes go.

She doesn't believe in aliens.

She looks killer in boots.

She knows better than to take public transportation when it's illegally early in the morning. Although I am her example as to why not to make that mistake, she's promised that she learned from my adventure.

Mostly though, the TV ties are the ties that bind and I love her taste in TV programming: Buffy, Laguna Beach, Survivor Seasons 2 and 3, our original plan to try to get on The Amazing Race, and her idea that we have our own show, Chelsea and Sarah: A Tiny Life, featuring us living in our tiny house and traveling the Lower 48, looking for buried treasure with the metal detectors we got while trying to find the keys we lost during the "Let's put together an application to be on The Amazing Race" trip last New Year's.

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