Zapatas Muertos: Vamoose

I have outdone myself in a craft whirl that is heretofore unparalleled. I can't really stand admitting that this product is a craft, but it is, but I'm thinking I'll call it Novelty Item.

I know. You're thinking, drop the bullcrap and tell me what it is because now that it's all built up, it's gonna be a total let-down, right? You're thinking. "I've already lost interest in this Mystery Project. I'm quitting this read. I just don't care. Bore-Ring."

Too bad for you, suckers because I'm a damn genius and with this project, I am going to make no money, I am going to find no bliss, I am going to make a gigantic mess during production but truthfully, the reality-show inspired reveal is going to rock.

I don't have time to really write anything today... days like this make me sort of want to move to a blog-style but alas. It'll never happen. I'm old-school like the Back in the Day Buffet.

I'll write a wish list instead of an essay. You're supposed to know your desires before you manifest them, right?
Here goes:
1. A laptop computer. A cute one. I used to not care but things have changed.
2. A consultation with a personal stylist. I don't think I'm getting all I can out of myself. What does my style say besides: Sarah!
3. An interior decorator to confirm that my plan would work. The plan for the a-p-t is different from my awesome novelty project that's all tapped up for le weekend. My a-p-t plan involves things like painting and organizing what I've come to call the "zapatas muertos" section of the closet floor. Rosie gusto that section. It needs to be relocated to a higher, safer locale.
4. New tires. OK. Fuck it. And rims. I want rims. They look cool and I need to represent for Bitchin' Honda owners.
5. An iPod Nano. See you at Christmas Bonus time, honey. Happy Hollydaze: To moi, From moi! But feel free to speed it up, lovlies.
6. Hair extensions. Just for fun. Namoli asked me if I'd gotten extensions and it's like I have this THING in my head about them and I REALLY want to try a weave.
7. A dog trainer for two weeks. I think Rosie and I have done great together and I can only imagine what we could do together with a professional guiding us. Dig this: Sit, Up, Leash, Jump (omg: She runs and jumps into my arms. Is there anything cuter? Nope. There's not.), Treat, and Cat. She learned all of that from a First Time Dog Owner, aka me. She could totally be on Animal Planet Superstars if I could teach her to doody outside, all the time.

That's it. I'm all out of love. I'm so lost without you.
The lite rock is sinking in a little and THAT'S how busy I am today.
I didn't even notice.

arizonasarah at 1:17 p.m.

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