His Crazy, Our Gain

I think I'm losing my mind again.
That little month off of the crazy wagon was pretty sweet but there is so much going on....

I'm not really going crazy... I'm just... inspired right now.
I'm particularly inspired by a hero from waaaay back, Hunter S. Thompson.
Now, granted, the guy was either nuts, or played really well.

But his crazy is our gain, you know? He said it.
He did it.
He paid for it.
But on every point where critics can say, "That's a lack of impulse control," admirers can say, "That's very brave. He didn't surrender to outside forces."

I dunno if I'm really in a place where I can examine this from a philosophical perspective because it has been, in editorial page cartoon-speak, a helluva day.

I feel like it's kind of important to be brave and to no surrender to outside forces. If you really have something to say, you can't be afraid of it or you'll hate yourself forever.
And so what if other people hate you. Chances are that if you have an opinion and you state it organically, the only people who will hate you are the people who aren't as smart as you.
And being reviled?
It's not so bad.
It makes you brave - check out my message board to see how much someone hates me.

That's a fine line, though. It may be a cliché but it is as fine a line as there ever was. Passion is passion, you know? Rage, lust, all of the impulses you feel that make just want to BITE!
They're all so close to each other. They're from the same place and they drive you, really. The things you try to love or try to reject... those don't drive you.
The things that make you feel like you're losing your mind or that you've been kicked in the gut are the things that move you.
We all should be so lucky to understand how powerful are our passions.
We don't need to control them... on the contrary, we should embrace them and nurture them so that they aren't so violent and scary to us.
What's fear, you know?
It's stuff you don't know. Or that you've been told is bad.
But why are people afraid of a little passion and so adamant to hide from it.
You're angry and your flushed and you are LUCKY that you care that much about it.
You're lucky.
It's just so sad that you don't get that idea.

arizonasarah at 4:25 p.m.

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