The Truth about Cats and God

I am seriously tempted to delete my last post.
My cat?
My beloved?
My furry raison d'etre?
My angel-white kitty with the angel sweet heart?The swelling has gone down.
There are two masses.
Both occurring directly at the point of an INJURY.

Each point of injury is pretty easily concluded to be from a FIGHT.

Now, I love Grace so much that I didn't want to go home and check on her. I cried from 11:30 until my friend Patti happened upon me and put me in the Bitchin' Honda and came with me to see the cat.

While I am still very concerned about her, I am so thankful that she's not going to die a sudden horrible and expensive death.

For a little while, I was thinking that there is an actual god, with an actual kid named Jesus Mitchell and that they were those white, Republican father-son teams, playing a "prank". You know? Those dude-families who think other people's pain is funny?
But, and again thankfully, I just have an asshole cat who got the smackdown by some other asshole cat and the Jesus and Sarah show will go on.

AFTER I coddle Grace for an entire night and pay all of my attention to her in her time of need.

arizonasarah at 2:41 p.m.

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