I've goht ahang-O-Ver

Let's pretend I'm a bl0gr and Im c()()1:

I got d-runk last night.
It was awesome.
I haven't ripped open a Thursday night, or for that matter a Saturday night, in a long time.
I probably needed to though, because today, I am either still drunk or the Jack Daniels cut a swath through the over-grown foresty psyche that I've had going on since December 19, 2004.
Which, by the way, you can't get when you are in your house with a couple of neighbors and a bottle of Jackie-Boy.... safety first!

Seriously, though. I needed that.
Today I feel like I'm all rock-star and hot, with the voice and the hair and the bloodshot eyes. Shut up. Let me have my fantasy... it's all I have at this point.
There's so much happening behind the scenes that I can't address publicly. One of my friends does not work at my job anymore and that's never a calming feeling. If you have a good friend at work and that person disappears without a trace, I would not sit back easily and comfortably if I were you.
There's more but it's nothing that, from what I gather, anybody else in the country isn't dealing with as well.
No turkey for you, Chippers!
No turkey for me, DJ!

Here's something.
I am exceedingly nervous to leave work for a week at Thanksgiving while I go to Illinois and hurry up and wait for my extended family to cook four times as much food as any family should be allowed to have while I field questions like, "You got a boyfriend?" "Isn't Arizona hot?"
My answers go like this:
Fuck you, you know I don't.
Yes, thank god, I don't know how you people live like this (referring to the 20 degree daytime high).

But I digress.
The point is that I have too much to spew and it's killing me that I CAN'T OPEN MY GIGANTIC MOUTH.

I'm not a good writer when I have a hang-over, huh?
I keep thinking in accented English today, so like, in my head, I'm like, "I've goht ahang-O-Ver".

I can't explain it.
Screw you guys.
I'm going home.

I wish.

arizonasarah at 9:56 a.m.

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