Plight of the Office Worker

Tucson, AZ
December 22, 2005
Sarah Wides

I'm standing here, as deep into the heart of the Cubicle Territory as this reporter can go. It's ugly.

Everyday, a box of Godiva chocolates lands on .....
Every desk.
The printing area? It's a shell of itself. Two weeks ago, Cubicle Workers - Office Workers - would giggle while they assembled proposals there, printed on letterhead, even....
Gossiped while they emptied individual shred boxes into the locked bins that once carried away sensitive documents, slated for destruction.
Today, that former scene of Office delight is covered, and if the video feed was working, I think I could give you a picture, but today.
Today the printing area has been degraded with cheese, sausage, Frango Mints, some assorted but sorry fruit, and of course, the worst of the holiday gifts: cookies.

At this time, Office Workers tell me that the printing area is considered to be OUT of the Cubicle Safe Zone, a roughly 4' by 4' territory held primarily by Copying Rebels on the other side of the building. This insurgency is like nothing the Officer Workers have ever seen they tell me, hardly believing that their own Sales Reps, the people they talk to on the telephone

These are the people who have taken the printing area, who continue to lay siege everyday, exerting their power over the Office Workers over and over by loading the area with cookies, peppermint bark, and Camembert.

One Office Worker had this to say, "It's not fair, you know? I mean, all that sugar and fat and butter and ummmm... fat? It's not fair that the people we trusted brought all that here and made it look so good and ummmm... you know? It's just... I can't...
I... (Falls to her knees and begins sobbing)"

This IS real, this IS happeneing and this reporter.... can hardly beleive it, either.

In her own words, "...all that sugar and fat and butter..."
So remember, while you are cooking up your Christmas goose, toasting with your friends, and gathering 'round the tree to open gifts from your loved ones, these Office Workers will be gaining weight.

They will start the New Year, not with hope and freedom, but with the chains of cookies.

The best we can do?
Is pray for them.

I'm Sarah Wides
And I'm at the front line.
Good night.

arizonasarah at 8:28 a.m.

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