Dog Date

I got asked out.
And I was kind of surprised because the guy is a dog-park buddy.

I dunno.

I'm uncharacteristically happy about this. He just said, "I've been wanting to ask you out for awhile."
So I said, "Cool."
And he said, "Are you up for a hike this weekend?"
And I said, "Nothing cold and nothing far-away or freaky-hard."
And he said, "No! Reddington Pass!"
And I said, "Definitely."
And he said, if you drive, I'll buy lunch."
And I thought, I fucking hate driving. But then I said, "Deal."
I wonder if I am supposed to bring my dog?
I wonder why I am suddenly interested in looking cute in front of a dude who mostly sees me looking pointedly sloppy.
I wonder why I am so flattered...

I mean, it was so cool to get asked out by someone who has seen me in disgusting sweats, mom-jeans, pony-tails, fatter a few months ago, and as an accurate portrayal of an aging-Tucson-braless-chick-who-kindof-looks-lesbian-some-days. I think one time I even let myself wear socks and Birkenstocks. ONE TIME, Chelsea, and I never did it again, so get off my back already!
So it's like, REALLY cool. I'm also prepared for the possibility that he's the kind of single guy who asks out anyone who looks available but truthfully, I don't act available. I stick to myself almost all the time. Part of that is my genuine lack of interest in people with whom I do not have an existing relationship and part of it is that my dog is obsessed with playing Fetch. She's not playing with the other dogs most of the time, so unless someone hangs out with me while I throw the ball repeatedly and often interrupt conversation to say, "Rosie, bring it back!" then there's not a whole lot of convo-time down at the dog park. We Fetch people tend to be these lonely out-posts of Master and Dog that dot the park. We wave to each other and sometime offer a hearty "Good one!" but mostly I think it's so that the Joiners don't think that we are socially inept or downright dangerous. We just know that we are a subset of a subset.

But sometimes she does play with another dog and sometimes, I refuse her ball-obsessed antics. During these times, I am free to hang out with the Joiners and that's how I met this guy. We've been friendly for awhile, but not flirty... not flirty that I knew about, at least. Also, it's good to know that it might actually be possible for me to meet someone without having to deviate from what has become an increasingly private life.
You know?
I don't go out that much.
When I do, it's not to troll for dudes.... mostly because my friends are married, lesbian, or Sober but also because I just haven't felt like making the effort.

I have been so satisfied in my day-to-day life and so busy with work that I haven't really cared to go out of my way to meet a guy.

Luckily, Jesus loves me, yes He does, and I have a date with a guy who already knows that I like to use the word "fuck" in every grammatically possible function and who already knows that while those blue sweats might make me look like I have a gigantic ass, I love to wear them. Even in spite of the little holes from where they have been washed SO MANY TIMES.

The down-side is that I agreed to hike and by "hike", I sure hope he meant walk around in a pretty, pretty canyon because I'm not sure that I have gone hiking since ummmm..... 6th grade.

So what!
Not everyone in Arizona needs to take in the scenery from the point of view of the scenery!

I can do that by driving my car to any number of Scenic Outlooks that are about a 20 minute drive from my hovel.

I won't lie though, when I first moved here, I went camping a lot and it was so quiet, so different, and well, breath-takingly beautiful.
I am excited to the point of having a hard time sleeping if I think about this development, both the guy and the hiking, anytime after 4 PM.

Now if I could just get my imaginaion to quit having the same effect of caffeine, life would be GREAT.

Oh, and this dude is like, my friend first of all but of course, whenever someone asks you out, you play the "What-if" game. I haven't played it all that much on him because I never thought of him like, in that way. But now that he offered, and we hung out specifically with one another for a couple of hours, I have this little insight to him and I liked what was there. Not that I am in any way ruling out a total personality switch or something hidden away that is repulsive and unacceptable. I could spend fifteen minutes away from the dog park and be grossed out because I am a pretty, pretty Princess who is allowed to freak out over nothing.
I know the risk going in, so when freaky-secret happens, it won't need any more of my attention than a good laugh and some time-honored avoidance techniques that I have honed over years of Singletude.
But you can't help the "What-if" game and so here's the funny thing I wanted to tell you:
His name is Michael and I hang out all the time with this couple, Michael and Sarah.
See where I am going?
If it works out and we start seeing each other (IF), I am not going to be able to stop myself from working up an act. Something like, "Michael? Michael! Sarah? Sarah? Michael-Michael or MICHAEL-Michael? Sarah-Michael or Michael-Sarah?"

I can't help it. It's not even funny and I can't help thinking that it's hilarious.
Which, yeah, is 9/10ths of the reason that I don't have any "he done kissed me on the mouth, he's gonna marry me" delusions about dating - dog park buddies, or otherwise.

arizonasarah at 11:31 a.m.

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