An Open Letter to the President, For the President

Dear President George W. Bush,

I am one confused US citizen.

Remember 911 and how afterwards, you told me not to trust terrorists and that terrorists are Arabs? You told me that terrorists were bad evil-doers. You told me that Arabs were mostly the bad evil-doers and that they were the people you would check for weapons and for terror at airports and in big cities, like when they want to get on the subway.
You told me that Arabs are terrorists and that they are bad, evil, and doing bad evil things to US citizens.

Now you want to sell some ports in the USA to the Arabs. You are mad because a lot of people who are in the USA do not want you to sell ports to bad evil-doer terrorist Arabs. You told Congress that Congress sucks because they listened to their voters when their voters told them that they would be very afraid to sell our ports to evil-doer Arab terrorists who are bad.

But you told me to be afraid of the terrorists and that you will spy on conversations that the Arabs in the USA have with Arabs who live in evil-doer, Arab countries. I think it is rude to spy on people who are talking on the phone because they might be talking about private things. But since the private things might be about terror or about being an evil bad-doer, you said it's okay to spy on them. You're the President, so you must be pretty smart about that stuff; maybe even smarter than me and I work in insurance, which is really hard.

So I told my representative that I am afraid of Arab terrorists and other bad-doers with evil and now you are mad that he listened to me, who listened to you.

I think this is very confusing.

I think you should go on TV and explain in your own words why you want to sell ports to the people you told me to be mad at and explain why you are mad at Congress for listening to me, listening to me. I know you have people who will tell you what to say to me so that I will understand about the bad Arab terrorist evil-doers but maybe the people can tell you what to say so I change my mind from being afraid of Arabs.

Also, I wrote this letter with very simple sentences and I hope you are able to understand it.
I know that has been a problem for you in the past.
If you have any questions, please have Vice President Dick Cheney write back to me and I will gladly address ( that means talk to him, not like a place where someone lives) my concerns.

P.S. If you didn't get the sarcasm, maybe Mr. Cheney can help with that, too.

arizonasarah at 10:28 a.m.

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