An Open Love Letter to My Coffee Man, Who has Been Mentioned Before

Dear Coffee Guy,
I take that back.
You're a man. A manly, coffee-making, rollerderby supporting man.

So allow me to start over:

Dear Coffee Man,
I love you.
I have loved you for infinity.
When I see your piercing blue eyes, your blond hair, and your perfectly flushed skin (which okay.... might be sweat from how cramped and sweaty it is in the Drive Times Coffee Express building), I melt a little.

When I saw you at rollerderby, that's when I KNEW that we were meant for one another. You just don't run into people like that.

Coffee Shop Man, I don't care if you want to make lattes forever, if you sweat a lot while you are at work, and if you are only 23 or 24.... I make enough money to support us and my dog, whom you have called cute a number of times.

"You were...."
"At rollerderby?"
"Me, too!"

That was our first attempt at a conversation and I know it would have lasted longer and included our names if a car hadn't been behind me and if your jealous co-worker hadn't been so efficient with making my drink. Yes, I knew during that exchange that years from now we would look back and laugh together as we watched our grandchildren playing in the parking lot behind the very same coffee shop.

You're so pretty Coffee Man, so pretty that I can't imagine my life apart from you.

I know that you're open-minded and that you have a sense of modern style and no visible tattoos or piercings and really, that's all I need to know right now.

No words.
Not yet.

Let's bask in the afterglow of our first conversation, hurried as it was by my drink order being completed and another customer in line behind me.

Coffee Man, I think you might be a theater major and still in undergrad and you know what?
I'm fine with that. Follow your dreams and act!
You might have a sweating problem that's glandular and that's fine with me. I love doing laundry - it's the only household task I enjoy.
You might be gay and that's okay too - I'll be your beard.

But I think you were at rollerderby for the band, no?
That's okay too.
I'm more into folk but whatever... your punk taste and my folk fever would balance as nicely as a shot of vanilla flavoring sits in a latte.

So Coffee Man, I bid adieu for now....
Until my next coffee drink....
I'm the girl in the Bitchin' Honda....
With the cute dog....
And the blow-dried hair and the fine-tuned, casual make-up that I apply just for you, even though it's the weekend and had we not "met", I would put on a swim suit and dork around without so much as washing my face until I get in the shower to go out for the evening.
You know... if I was going out.
Which I DO - you saw me at rollerderby, remember?
You said you saw me there!
. Le sigh.
Coffee Man, I'll see you on Saturday.

Until then, I love you in spite of the sweating and because of your theater major.
Hold onto those things that make you, you, Coffee Man.
They are why I love you.

arizonasarah at 12:22 p.m.

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