Picture Pages

Did you ever want to see pictures of the person who recently infrequently writes this phenomenally old-school weblog?

Now you can.
And it's free!

I should warn, even though I am pretty sure that anyone reading has read the essays recounting true stories of my pulling attackers down on Speedway and swinging my baseball bat at intruders, that just because you see my pictures now does not mean you can feel like you know me or that I'm available for the stalking.

Everybody knows I'M the STALKER around here.

And that's been confirmed by most of the boats on Lake Powell last week. I spared no one my binocular attention and solidified my title as Stalker Sarah.

Look out!

Now, I can't link here because I'm old fasined, so copy the link or go to MySpace and get your stalk on.


arizonasarah at 12:46 p.m.

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