Jill Doyle lives in Tucson.

I found this out on Friday at 4pm and then proceeded to have what was possibly the best weekend of MY LIFE.

We were so tight in college. We aren't 100% sure of why we stopped speaking 10 years ago, because it wasn't over something concrete but it was a little weirder than just growing apart.

I don't want to go into any of the really cool stuff that we talked about except to say that 10 years might be down and I didn't feel an inch of any of those years.
It was as easy to hang with Jill as it has ever been to hang with anyone... was easier in many ways. Conversation didn't feel forced and there was so much to talk about and such a quick discovery of how similarly we approach the world.

Friday night, Jill met me out and in true Jill-form, when we cabbed back to my place and stumbled in, she dove onto the Ikea couch that I have and I heard the snap but didn't really realize what it was until the next morning when I decided that it would be best if I temporarily wrapped the break with duct tape and that it didn't look so good for things like, sitting on the couch.

I have GOT to get a drill.
Jill is gonna be around for awhile and I don't think I care how much stuff breaks because an old friend is priceless.
I also don't care how cheesy that line was... I'm that happy about Jill and Sarah, Episode 2, Broadcast Live from Tucson, AZ.

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