Wednesday, November 29

It's going to freeze tonight.
This is BIG news in Tucson, AZ.

In my book, it's BIG trouble.

I don't have a traditional heating system. I rely, instead, on an over-size cat, a hyper doglet, and a lot of blankets. I feel like in some way, this must be making me a better person. I offer it up and hope that god will smile on me in return, maybe showering me with cash and health and when I eventually have a child, a joyful, easy child instead of one that cries a lot or is skinny and annoying.

Normally, winter here isn't a shivering death trap of cold grey skies and frozen tundral hills. You can turn on your stove and be warm enough to watch TV. Under a big blanket in your bed, you're pretty much fine.

Unless it gets below 35.
It's supposed to be in the UPPER 20s tonight and tomorrow night.


I don't think I can comprehend what this actually means for my comfort (or lack thereof) level.

And sadly, I have outdoor practice tonight. Since I was on "vacation" and missed the last three practices, I can't skip practice. No way, no how. In fact, I don't WANT to skip practice but I'm pretty much frozen, pun-intended, in the face of how to execute physical activity in extreme conditions.

Plus, this evening has the added bonus of there being a very important league meeting 15 minutes after practice. I'm one of two Recorders.
I HAVE to go to league meetings.
There is no way out and there is no way I can even stop at home to warm up in the shower, get into dry clothes and go. I have to be there.
On time.

I don't know how I am going to do all of these things:
1. Warm up my house before roughly 9 pm when I'll get home.
2. Get into warm, dry clothes after practice and before the meeting and STILL make it there in time to take comprehensive notes.
3. Eat hot food.
4. Cry myself to sleep when I am so tired and hungry and cold that my tear ducts form little ice caps that won't melt under the weight of my self-pity.
5. Tell Rosie to suck it, that she can go one goddamned day a week where all she gets is a morning walk. Lots of dogs get less than that; why can't she give me a break already? It's one effing(ham) day!
6. Stop feeling sorry for myself.

arizonasarah at 10:01 a.m.

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