Moving Part Three ? I Think?

I am so excited to move, in terms of you know... the idea of moving. I'm in that place where you dig deep and you push to break yourself because as soon as you hear the buzzer, you get to collapse and someone will bring you a Power Bar or maybe and orange.
A peeled orange.

I can't wait to dump all my crap into a new apartment, and by dump, I do mean dump because I have a feeling that things will be "packed" in Hefty bags for the most part.
People ask why not boxes...
Answer: 2-door Honda Civic. What box fits into my car? I would make 18 hundred trips, one box on the front seat at a time because there wouldn't be any way to get anything book-shaped into the back seat.
Trash bags can be shoved.
They have give.

I don't have the patience that boxes require.

But if you have some boxes, I need them - you know - for books and kitchen stuff.

Oh, and if you know of an apartment that would be perfect for me, I need you to call me.

I'm all excited to move, I'm worried about logistics and the main thing to keep in mind is that I DON'T HAVE A PLACE TO GO YET.

But I will.
Providence, searching, timing, and a gut feeling.... things are gonna change, I can feel it.

Umm.... you know.
If I find a place to live.
I'm at least committing to a neighborhood.
This is progress.
I've been back-and-forth and I finally decided that yes, this is here I want to go, this is why, no it's not in the same area as all my friends but it's what will work for me.
Work, derby, restaurants, getting to the West side to hang with Jillda... I'm picking my neighborhood and I'm sticking to it even though it's not the trendiest place on earth and even though my downtown friends won't be riding their bikes over to hang out with me and Rosie.

I'll make new friends for my neighborhood and instead of being stoner drunks like in my current neighborhood, my new friends will likely be stoner drunken DOCTORS since my neighborhood of choice is near to a hospital.
Physicians have the best parties.
It's like they delay adolescence for 15 years and when they're my age and in my peer group, they lose their minds and have like insane laser light shows with strippers and piles of drugs and wide-screen flat high definition tvs mounted on the walls and showing reruns of the greatest football plays of all time.

I can't believe I only just thought of this. I'm totally calling the realty company today and nailing down a place and making damn sure that my neighbors are party docs who want nothing more in the world than to host after-after parties every weekend and who eventually wear ME out by banging on my door to borrow my Kid Rock 'Cocky' cd - just take it already.

But I want my Peter Tosh back.

arizonasarah at 10:29 a.m.

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