Texas Dreams

I'm inexplicably obsessed with Texas lately.

I have these fantasies of moving to Dallas and looking really hot in tight jeans and cowboy boots which is seriously not something disallowed in Arizona; I mean, hello?
Wild West anyone?

But Texas seems to be where it's at for me lately.

I love the idea of BIG.
Big everything - big people, big sky, big ideas, big trucks, and no apologies.
I'm not talking about Austin, either. I'm talking about McMurtry's Texas or Lyle Lovitt's. I don't want the college town hippy version.
I want the Texas that made Anna Nicole Smith know from Day 1 that she could be a stripper, marry her multi-billionaire best customer and go on to have a Hollywood-tragic life, eventually remembered as an icon.

I also love the idea of being in another place.
Texas is, like this whole other country down there at the bottom of the US. They have their own ways of doing things.
A brisket in Texas isn't what your Jewish grandmother roasts, it's what your father puts on the BBQ and then later, what everyone fills up on in the backyard along with beer and probably some type of Jell-O salad.

I want to drive through Odessa and Mexia with my big Texan man who always knows where he's going and what he's doing. Just because he's from Texas where men and men and they have a higher level of confidence just because of being from Texas.

I want to go to San Antonio with a group of Texan girlfriends who understand how important it is that there be enough room in the truck for a lot of makeup.

I want that dude from Texas who appreciates the makeup situation because in Texas, there's always lots of makeup and lots of hair.

See, if I lived in Texas and I went to the salon to get my hair done, my stylist would be elated when I sit down in the chair and say something like, "This is okay but I want it BIGGER. Make it as big as you can!!!!!"
I wouldn't feel any weirdness if people help me move and they found out my secret of having tons of Velcro rollers, curling irons, teasing combs and everything you can think of to make big hair bigger.
I had to pack all that stuff away so that there wouldn't be any judgment passed but in Texas, it would be a badge of honor to have all that beauty stuff.

Yeah, Texas is where it's at for me in my head at least.
I'm pretty sure I would mostly fit in - at least in terms of hedonistically celebrating aerosol hairspray, red meat, and big trucks.
And manly Texan gentlemen.

Otherwise, I don't really know because truth be told I've never really been to Texas.

But hey, I'd never been to Arizona, either.

arizonasarah at 8:49 a.m.

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