I'm going on vacation now, to an ashram.

Sadly, while I used to have a banging yoga practice, I am going to be a major disappointment in areas of flexibility, Asana Name Recognition, and focus in a sea of posers.
Get it?
Double entendre?

At least I have non-ratty pants to wear and I found a couple of tee-shirts that do not have racy derby logos so I'm probably all set to roll on over into four days or so of Enlightenment Immersion.

Since I'm making so much fun of it and admittedly acting like I'm being dragged there or something; I'm not being dragged and I'm not a novice and I have a hunch that as soon as I hear some peaceful chimey-music and hushed voices in a Champa-smelling, airy room then I'll be right back in step with the principals of alignment and with breathing through the length of lengthening or folding or whatever.

Peace out.


arizonasarah at 11:20 a.m.

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