Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves:

1. That gummy sound of dental work or chubby cheeks or dry mouth when people talk. I have to run to my radio and turn it off when Carl Castle comes on and starts speaking.
That sound makes me want to throw up!
It's so weird!!!

2. People who start blogs because they are inspired, at least in part, by me and then their blogs are better and more well-read than mine.
Am I played out?
So I need to turn off the lights and start fresh somewhere else?

3. When people do things I don't expect them to do.
Para exampla, when someone is involved in a scheduling change resulting in my missing my usual Tuesday night dose of crush-released endorphins.
I sort of cried a little when he wasn't there.
I'm so screwed if he quit but maybe if that's the case, if he quit or got fired or something, I could make a sign that says, "Bring Back Employee # 15!!!" and stand outside the video store on Tuesday evenings.
When people say they're going to do something that I don't expect them to and then they ACTUALLY DO IT.
Usually when this happens, I am getting exactly what I said I wanted.
Sidenote here: my friend 22 told me to pray to Saint Anne to send me a man so I did, right?
I was not counting on that the prayer being answered nor by the fact that the verbiage of "sending" would be taken so literally.
I had something different in mind but if this is the man being sent.... well, at least there won't be too many other surprises coming up.
Ironies and tears to be sure but surprises?
Not so much.

4. When I get impatient with my dog.
I should be able to be more understanding of the fact that at 12:30 am if someone is hammering a nail in an adjacent apartment, Rosie is going to express some concerns for my, and her, physical safety.
But I love my dog so very much.
She's so sweet and such a good girl but she never has enough of anything - playtime, interaction, petting, food... nothing.
Sometimes it's hard and I get impatient.

5. Sprint. Do I really need to say more?
Currently, the best phone I'll have ever owned my life is en route and despite confirming the address with the rep who places the order, it went to my old address.
UPS, tracking numbers, postcards, confirmations, holding on while this or that record is found or deleted..... maybe I'll have my phone tomorrow.

6. My checking account. I only feel good if I spend as much as possible on the day that I get paid and sweat the rest of the next couple of weeks until I get paid again.

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