Sallie Mae Part 8.7 Million

Would someone please just give me $10K so that I can pay off Sallie Mae.

This conversation sends me into tears.

Every time, there is something that's messed up or late or sent to collections and it ends up being inaccurate every time.

There was the YEAR that I was making online payments and they WEREN'T GOING THROUGH.
Sallie Mae did not credit me those payments, ever.

There was a couple of years ago when my payment amount was raised again and I didn't know that.
I was sending my little, tiny amount and meanwhile, a massive series of what was considered to be late payments was accrued on the account.
Guess who was forced into forbearance in order to avoid collection action?

So I did it.
Guess who is on the phone with Sallie Mae right now, being advised of the collection action fees on her account?


I'm in tears over here and I can not believe that this company is the megalithic and inept company that purchases all of the student loans of all of the college graduates and then fucks up all over!

We're the smart people, dammit!
We're the people who navigated the bullshit of higher education and for some like me, even higher education, and not one time can Sallie Mae actually work with me to get things to be accurate (or even communicated accurately) on my account.

Not once.

I'm thisclose to putting this shit off for another year.

I can't understand why it has to be like this with Sallie Mae every time.

I'd rather pay anyone $10K than Sallie Mae, anyone.

arizonasarah at 12:12 p.m.

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