So, a Guy Gets on a Plane

This guy from Atlanta just let the Tuberculosis out of the bag so if you've recently returned from Europe (don't care if you were on the same plane as him or not)
The American South, expect me to not answer my door for you or to wear a Biohazard Suit.

Did you say on the plane, Sarah?

I did.

This dude was getting married in Europe and he'd had the plans for a really long time.
You know how it is with weddings and what-not when the Groom is terminally ill with a strain of TB that is resistant to drug-therapy - people are totally not understanding at all.
Especially people who are quarantined by the government of the United States of America.

So he gets on a plane.
I mean, the guy was quarantined but they never told him he couldn't fly.

And like, at this point, just shut up guy.
You really fucked up.
You know it.
The CDC knows it.
Everybody in the USA is going to know it in a matter of hours....
You fucked way up.

But instead of being all like, "I am an idiot and I can't believe I acted like a Bridezilla and let my European Nuptials get in the way of keeping my dangerous form of TB out of the general public!
I mean, I am really really really sorry.
If you need help tracking down the passengers who were on my plane, I can tell you know that they guy next to me was wearing a green shirt.

Instead, he's claiming to be educated and to have intellect.
Of course.
He has to claim those qualities out loud because he knows that he's got some 'splainin' to do.
He has to claim those qualities out loud because he's a big fat fucking liar.

Not one smart person on the planet would assume that the quarantine the government issued would exclude International air travel.

Not one smart person who is as sick as this guy would leave the country without notifying his or her doctors and pre-planning for the event of an International Emergency.
You know, one that extends beyond letting TB out of the bag.

And ummm.... most smart people get it that planes are incubators for disease and that they are one of the best places to go if you want to get sick.
You're all there, in recycled air.
Waiting for something to happen - to get where you are going or to get home or in a greater sense while you laze your eyes while you let your head into the clouds that surround you.
There's just no way that this person is smart.

There's just no way that he didn't know he was a threat to public health.

There's no way he didn't know the possible implications of his utterly irresponsible actions.

Yet he claims he didn't know anything, that he was pretty sure it was okay to fly.
When the CDC found out about his whereabouts, flagged his passport, put him on the no-fly list, and that he had to report to the Italian Authorities in order to get him home safely, he claims that he felt like that was over-kill.

So he snuck back into the US on a commercial jet via Canada and I'm sorry, but once the Italian police are involved and you're talking about sneaking into your own country then you are probably well-aware of the implications of your actions.

I'm not writing about this to humorously illustrate how stupid people are or to make fun of some guy with TB and a wedding to git to.

I'm writing this because it depresses me greatly and on many levels.

It confirms just a little bit more for me that people are awful.
Who would marry this asshole?
Who would treat him compassionately - how are his doctors going to look at him in the same way after this?
Why is he not being prosecuted when he knowingly made a decision to put the lives of others into his diseased hands?

And then over here, there's me, right?
I've had no deeply meaningful connections in 2.5 years.
I'm so lonely to be in a REAL love-relationship, in a true partnership that I physically hurt.
I'm constantly worried about the implications of my actions.
I obsessively give the benefit of the doubt.
I try really really really hard and when I don't, I know why I failed.

But this guy…. He gets the girl, catches the flight, makes it across the border and paradoxically claims both education and ignorance in the same short interview.
He has TB, sure but….. Come on.
He is an asshole who would have done himself a massive favor by saying, "No comment."
And he's gonna walk away to live out the rest of his short life having that life trying to be saved despite the fact that he has no regard for anyone but himself.

What the fuck, man?

arizonasarah at 12:55 p.m.

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