Burn Out

I just made the worst impression ever.
This chick told me that my tag was sticking out and I trold her that I didn't care.

Which is true.
I'm so burned out on work.
It's summer, so the indoor temperature has to be no more than 65 degrees which every year means that I get a head cold that turns into a chest cold and my fingers hurt from being cold and my nose is cold and then, THEN I go outside and it's no less than 102 degrees and I get this headache everyday from my brain unthawing too quickly.

I hate it and it makes me not care about a fucking tag in the back of my sweater.
I didn't even ask her if it was the tag in my sweater I'm wearing or the sweater I'm wearing over my sweater.

I also don't care about a tag because I am SICK of being barked at by people whom I am trying to help.
I get it that it's frustrating but if you get it that you're asking me for my assistance then shut the fuck up and let me give you help.
My tolerance on this is so shot that I compose emails and can't send them for several hours because I have to get some time to chill out and go back and re-read and make sure I'm not being a sarcastic bitch.

So not, when someone points out a loose tag while I'm in the bathroom, trying to wash and dry my hands at the speed of light so that I can avoid this exact problem (talking to people with whom I'm not particularly close in the bathroom).... in the perfect storm that is my level of burn-out and disappointment, I don't care about an errant tag.
I don't.

I care about getting through the day without causing yet another cycstic zit to bubble up from my malaise.

I care about not pissing anyone off to the point where I'm not being compassionate and doing my job.

I care about making sure I hit each of the buzzers on my task list and touch everything that needs to be touched.

I care about re-reading those emails and fixing their tone before I send them.

But I do not the fuck care about a tag hanging from my sweater (or my sweater?).

Not today, anyway.

arizonasarah at 1:52 p.m.

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