Decision is Made

August 28: Alice Cooper.
September 1: Ani DiFranco.

Knoxville, TN.
If I wasn't sure before, I am now that I saw those two lined up one right after the other.

See you bitches in a little over a year when I will be live from the humid mess that's Eastern TN.

Although hopefully, I'll land there in like, November after the humid mess is over and in time for lots of complaining about mountain winters.

Don't worry, I'll still be complaining about the misery of Tucson's summer next year.

I'm now FOR SURE that I want next year to be the LAST year I am complaining about a Tucson summer. Barring anything radically awesome happening in my love life that would tie me down here.... then it's like I said before: I'll see you bitches from Knoxville, TN next year.

arizonasarah at 3:57 p.m.

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