No Dice

Some Things That Are Going ON:

1. I realized that although I have a thing for capitalization, I can't stand it when every single word in a sentence of phrase is capitalized.

2. My friend Julie UP introduced me to the TV show, Weeds. It's perfect.
I've only watched the first season but I watched it twice because if that show was a person, I would be in love.

3. My dog feel in a swimming pool Sunday. It was hilarious, actually. She was as traumatized as Rosie gets which is to say that momentarily, she freaked and looked like she was going to drown. I knelt and lucked her from the pool and she stood stunned for a second.
But only a second because my friend's dog is a merdog and when Jill throws a ball into the deep end for Henry, he jumps in, gets it, and swims to the steps.
Rosie is ball-obsessed and after watching Henry for a little while, she figured out that maybe swimming wasn't so bad. She would only do it a little bit - no deep end for Rosie. She's stand on the step and then on the next lower, at which point, she was basically swimming. She's get the ball and turn around quickly, her dingo-eyes bright with a combination of fear and determination and then get out and shake it off and be ready for Round 2.
That's my girl.

3. I have the perfect nail polish going on right now. It's going to chip or something by like, tomorrow. But for now, it's perfect. I love that feeling.

4. I'm learning a lot about babies and baby stuff. One of my best friends is gonna be a baby mama without her baby daddy. I went to register for shower stuff with her. It's amazing how much stuff a baby needs. Just the basics are hundreds of dollars.... and you start to think of all the things babies do, like scratch their faces and lose their hair and have barely formed their skin so you can't use your towels, even if you use a lot of fabric softener.

5. I really want a kid, especially the more I learn about babies via Jill. Although she did offer that once the kid is born and she provides me with lots of aversion therapy by asking me to spend the night here and there, I may reconsider that biological urge.
I doubt it, though.

6. There are people around me who I used to think of as pretty smart but lately are driving me crazy.

7. Shit like this is why writing every, single day isn't necessarily the greatest idea in the world. Allow me to recommend archive material from days when I was actually inspired by some lucky gust of the idea breeze.


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