Shut Up Dean Martin, I am in the Bathroom

Can we all agree that the bathroom is private?
I don't want to make small-talk, I don't want to hear others making small-talk, I don't even want to walk in at the same time as you.
It used to be that the bathroom was normal around here. You went there to do what people do in bathrooms and you never really ran into anyone.

Times have changed.

We've grown a lot so more people means an increased chance that someone is in a stall or will enter while you are still in the bathroom.

If I am washing my hands and someone walks into the bathroom, I leave. I want to give them as much privacy as possible.
However, this is not how other people operate.
There are a surprising number of people who, rather than clear out when someone comes in, continue wiping up the droplets of water from the counter then apply some hand lotion and then re-stock paper towels and then order sushi.


And then they try to talk to you, not so much once you're in a stall but you could easily walk into the restroom, enter a stall, hate that someone is listening, walk out of the stall, and have this person want to make fucking small talk with you about your day.

I am never nice in this situation.
In no way to I want to encourage someone to be my bathroom chat buddy any more than they already feel is appropriate.
I feel that in a building where there are four conference rooms, two break rooms, and several scenic spots outside where private conversations could go down. A bathroom klatch is just not necessary and I do not understand why anyone would think that less privacy in the bathroom is better.


I am going to ask this guy out and he's going to turn me down but it's cool. I am trying to make some changes before the new year.
I asked my best friend what kinds of changes I could make and she told me that I was a stuck-up bitch.
I mean, not in a BAD way but in a weird way.
She's right, I know.
Not only am I stuck-up but I'm sort of intimidating to guys.
It used to be that I would always ask guys out and I went out with a lot of guys.
Now that I don't do as much asking, I am pretty pathetic and lost.
I don't have a good reason as to why I stopped going for what I wanted, maybe it was an experiment in submissiveness or something but fact: I historically have never, ever been a girl who is pursued.
I pursue or at least share the reigns of the early stages.

Anyway, I'm not going to change that I am stuck-up because... please.
But I am going to make an effort to go back to being more accessible even if that means I have to do the accessing.


How did I get so broke?


As you are well-aware, if you have read this blog for any length of time, there are speakers at my work. Those speakers play all kind of lite rock throughout the year.
Sometimes it's soft jazz and sometimes adult contemporary.
NOW, it's Christmas music.
And that would be okay if it wasn't classic Christmas music.
If I could hear some Mariah Carey Christmas music, or "So This is Christmas," or Wham - "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart! The very next day, you gave it away...." then this would be okay to endure for the next three weeks.

I am not going to make it if all I hear all day is Burl Ives and Frank Sinatra.
I need to at least hear a mix.
I love the classics as much as anyone but they set a mood and hearing them all day long as the soundtrack to people yelling at me that I am not helpful or listening to people spend the afternoon in the bathroom on the phone with their architects is just not the kind of thing that makes any sense.

I'm pretty sure that this situation would make an excellent study in what can drive Spinsters to madness.
It's like that one study where they looked at college dorm rooms and found that the ones painted in baby pastels, specifically yellow, were the rooms where students were the most stressed out because the setting was so far off the mark in matching the tone of their blossoming adulthood and drunken lives.
Paint it black, right?

I am going to paint something in here and then I am going to blame the speakers. I can just hear my lawyer now, "If only they had played a station that had the Bruce Springsteen Christmas song, or We Are the World, this horrific act of black paint in her cubicle would NEVER have occurred."

arizonasarah at 1:44 p.m.

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