True Story

This is my ACTUAL life:

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Milwaukee, at the annual working conference for the national sanctioning body of roller derby, listening to a presentation about the voting process. That may sound really boring but keep in mind that although we use Robert's Rules, our cards are porno player cards. Or kittens if porn is offensive to you.

Meanwhile, in Tucson, Hooters Girls are joining my more-than-a-friend in the studio and like, 35,000 people are going to hear him pretending to get all hot for them. Or getting all hot for them. Let's go with a hopeful "pretending" for this paragraph. I'm an optimist.

It's probably good I am 2.5 thousand miles away and can't hear it. Starting a relationship that's public is harder than it may seem.... it's like being a voyeur into your own personal life sometimes.

Other surreal factoids on the weekend: Besides the roller derby conference, there is also a Boston Terrier conference at the hotel.

And, we checked in last night and got up to our room. The phone rang and it was the desk, "Hi, this is kind of a weird call but does one of you know a Chris?"
"Ummmm..... no?"
"Well, do any of you have black hair? This guy saw a girl with black hair at the airport and wanted to meet her. I thought it might be one of you; I'm trying to do a little love connection!"
"Uhhhhhhh (debating mentioning my really, really dark brown hair).... none of us really have BLACK hair (and chosing not to) but, ummmmm.... we're here for a roller derby conference so you can count on like, a LOT of black hair this weekend. He may have a hard time finding his lady."
I personally think it might be this one girl from another league who was slightly drunk checking in behind us and who greeted me by saying, "Hi, I'm ____________ and I'll kick your ass later!"

Not likely, sweetheart.

Just like me being concerned about Hooters Girls. Not likely.

arizonasarah at 8:18 a.m.

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