Come and Knock on My Door

I've been into this Discovery Channel show, called A Haunting. I love scary things, especially when I am super busy. It's a stress-reliever because, really, where are you gonna go with stres relief when you already play a full-contact sport, take a lot of time off work, and are single and can basically do whatever you want to do as far as alcohol and sex is concerned.

I watch horror stuff.

I also completely believe in ghosts, angels, paranormal planes of existance, and whatver else you can think of except for aliens.

And I have no real reason not to. I don't seek them out or anything but I expect that they're around. The stereo sometimes turns on for no reason. Things I KNOW I put someplace, like my hammer or my keys will vanish for a bit. I've woken up from a dream and felt that something was there - usually my dog will bark at it or I just say, "Go Away!" and it's gone. I saw a ghost one time in a haunted cabin. This is nothing new, nothing unique to where I live now, and definitely not something I worry about at all. Someone told me once that if you tell a ghost to go away, it will leave you alone.
So far, true.So far, I've not been intensely scared and I'm otally cool with not being scared in real life.

But I'm cool with scarey things on my tv.

The scariest things on tv are true stories of possession. I am not cool with possession at all.

Diabolical spriits causing me to scratch claw marks in my face or having my eyes turn liquid black would clearly be a problem. If I was feeling over-whelmingly like I needed to harm my friends would just not go over very well at all.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she had an interesting point of view: What if you got possessed by John Ritter?

Your days would be filled with double entendre and you'd sometimes find your shoe-laces mysteriously tied together. You wouldn't be able to keep your hair from flopping out of your eyes and you'd inexplicably have milk dribbling out of your nose even when you are just sitting down, wanting to quietly enjoy your dinner.

Or what if you were possessed by Don Knotts and were unable to behanve as anything but a bumbling sheriff's deputy? You'd think you'd locked up your desk but the keys would actually be in the jail cell. You'd get hit over the head with a fryiong pan when you opened the door to your own house.

Thinking about her propositional what if made me think that maybe possession wouldn't be so bad, after-all.
It would be bad.
But it would be hilarious.

arizonasarah at 10:39 a.m.

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