Arrogant Democrat Idiots

I think I can't handle the election this year.

Already, rabid Obama people are making my skin crawl.

The killer part, the part that makes me so mad is that all of these people tearing apart Sarah Palin and tearing her apart for some of the same (female)reasons that they tore apart Hillary.

She's a former pagent girl. So? What does being a beauty queen at age 12 have to do with her legislative ability now?

Her hair? Democrat friends of mine are mocking her hair?

I can't even begin to say how much I can't even begin to listen to fanatical spewing about Perfect Dream Obama vs Evil McCain and Useless Palin.

The media and Obama's campaign tore apart Hillary Clinton, who along with McCain was the only other serious candiate in the race. She was cricified for not bein emotional enough, for being shrill, for relying on her husband and on and on and on.

And now look.
Who's being torn apart?
Sarah Palin.
The next chick on the ballot.

Fuck you Obama Radicals.

You're going to cause me to vote Republican because you're going to drive me deeper to the heart of this situation which is that:
1. You hijacked this whole thing from Hillary and you let it happen because you didn't like her hair do or some other sexist bullshit; and
2. Criticizing Sarah Palin's experience is ludicrous given that the smearing is coming from the camp of the junior senator from Illinois. Who never was there to actually vote on anything.

For the love of gravel, get a grip you arrogant assholes!

Obama isn't all that and Palin?
Being treated the way she's being treated in the media and on people who are my "friends" blogs?

Holy 1965 misogyny.

It's so goddammed ingrained in you that you, person who LIVED AT THE WOMYNS HOUSE IN COLLEGE, don't even see how nasty you sound and how you cancel out all your points and feed right into the Republican Machine by spewing rhetoric your candidate can't support and that's compeletly contrary to the values you purport to... value.

Holy shit, you're fucked.

And I'm fucked because I'm a Democrat.

So fuck you for ruining things, you arrogant idiots and for making me even consider voting Republican.

But for cereal?
I can't take this divide between alleged D values and the way the Dems are treating Palin which is the way they treated Hillary which is how we got into this corner in the first place.

Man I'm pissed.

arizonasarah at 1:57 p.m.

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