New Year

I'm gonna do some stuff in 2009 and it goes a little like this:

1. Go to Aerosmith. My mom told me that Aerosmith is going on tour in 2009. I would skip a Championship game to go to Aerosmith. No lie.

2. Be a go-to on the all-star team. Last season, I got my feet wet and learned about national play; it's very, very different from local play. This season? I want to be known for my punishing hits and my ability to fuck girls up in the back of the pack. I want to be more autonomous and I really didn't understand how to do that until the very tail-end of last season because that's just how my timing goes, yo.

3. Do some dog stuff. I'm taking Rosie to do some real herding with a real flock in Queen Creek, about an hour away. She will love it, I think. For $10, they take your dog and get to know her for about 10 minutes and then they go into an arena full of lambies and work your dog. I talked to the Herding Instinct Tester, Kama, and she said since Rosie isn't quick to leave my side I should wear shoes I don't mind getting dirty. FUN!! I am seriously excited about taking my dog and both of us running around after some sheep.

4. Accepting my magnetic weirdness with more open arms. I mean, fuck it. I come across some weird, weird stuff and it always seems to work out so I'm going to try to go with the flow more and just like, accept that a life of golf and dry-cleaning is probably not in my cards.

5. Move. I'm moving to a new part of town. I'm probably moving out of Mid-town, even. I want to move to the Sabino Canyon area, I think. I'm going to try living further away from my fun times, closer to work, but in the part of town where all of the VPs live. I want to see if my perspective is different and if I become more interested in striving for more financial success if I move to a part of town where I am surrounded by financial success. It's totes do-able. And the bonus is that it's freak-gorgeous out in this part of town. It's far from my social center but maybe there's a new or different social center for me to find by living in a real complex in a mountainy part of town.

6. Travel. I'm going to get my passport and then I'm going abroad. First to Mexico and then to Prague. I'll charge it. This is important. I need to get out and see a world not bookmarked with strip malls and fast food joints and not footnoted with touristy, craptastically over-sold junk. I love things that are real. Not so much untouched but just... real. I think that's why I stay so nostalgic for small town Illinois. Those towns just are what they are. I picture Europe and just being what it is. I'm sure there are plenty of junk peddlers but for the most part, I'm pretty sure Rick Steves has told me that I can go to a European City and not have a ton of cheap plastic shoved in my face unless I chose to find cheap plastic in which to bury my face. I want some castles, some cobblestones, some warm beer, and a few really old bridges to take in.

7. I'm going to be saying no. I'm not the best foot putter downer but I'm going to be practicing the art of saying no a lot more. this should allow me to be able to say yes to a hundred other people and for a hundred new reasons and that?
Is exactly what I mean with my list of stuff. New things to see, new things to do, new perspectives... new year.

arizonasarah at 12:46 p.m.

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