SWF for Scottish Man

I really want a European boyfriend, specifically, a Scottish boyfriend.

Here's my logic:
I love big romantic dudes who drink and fight but who also cry over me and know that it's always he who brings me the mouse and not the other way around despite the bluster.

My family and friends don't find these characteristics as attractive as I do so I'm thinking that if they were packaged in a European guy, to give them a little cultural flair, maybe we would all be happier with the choices I make about men.

A Scottish boyfriend seems like the perfect choice for me and is far and away in first place of the European Boyfriend that I want. My cousin Jacob spent a year in Wales and recently concurred with me that personality-wise, the Scotch Man is the man for me.

It's probably all of the Frightened Rabbit I listen to lately but if I couls meet a Large Scottish Male, I am pretty sure I would be happy as can be. By reputation, they are lusty and devoted romantics.
They also seem like they would be very straight-forward and expect you to be the same way.


arizonasarah at 12:48 p.m.

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