It's the Principle

Lately, I've had this weird thing that I always expected prove to be true.

The difference between the West Coast standard of beauty and the Midwest standard of beauty is great, and I don't mean "great" like, "Yay! Arms wide-open out here!"

I have been thinking about this because it's a gut-feeling I've had for quite sometime. it started when I realized that I get hit on all the time when I am out in Carbondale or Chicago and that I never get hit on when I'm out in Tucson.

On Facebook, most of the Midwestern people comment on pictures and tell me that I look really great. Part of it is that the last time many of them saw me, I was a sad excuse for myself but part of it is that I really am photogenic and I look really great right now. I am an athlete now and it shows.

Once in awhile, I'll do the Internet dating thing. It's a good way to stay in practice. I've never been bowled over but I never have crazy expectations, either. If it's been a long time for a date, I either answer or place an ad, no harm no foul.

I placed an ad not too long ago and, swear to God, same pictures:
One guy told me I was less than hot and looked like a tranny.
Another guy told me when we met up for dinner that I was not as attractive as he thought I'd be.
And then there are all the dudes who do not respond.

It's honestly all the empirical evidence that I need to confirm waht I suspected - in the Midwest, I'm a total babe.

In close proximity to Southern California, I'm Fugly - capital "F", Fucking Ugly.

I'm shallow enough to let this be the Number One reason I want to move back to the Midwest, like St. Louis or Indy.

I'm hot there.

Here? I'm the weird-looking chick who isn't quite ethnic looking but isn't quite wasp looking who should lose 20 pounds or get a boob job.

It's not as much fun as being a dish, even if that comes with cold winters and lower property values.

I miss being noticable.

arizonasarah at 4:05 p.m.

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