Hammer of the Smog

This dude on my Facebook keeps listing his status with Led Zeppelin quotes.

I can't explain why this is supremely annoying to me but it drives me absolutely insane.

I get that it's not fair because sometimes my status might say like, Sarah Wides don't want no scrubs.

But seriously, every day homie is quoting shit about Valhalla and it drives me nuts.

That's all I got.

Can you believe it?

By the way, I'm once again forcing myself to write every day. I have had nothing good for almost a year. I know it happens and I know it's because I've been massively engaged in living rather than in the reflection that it takes to find inspiration to write in my, uh... reflective style.

But I don't want to stop trying, I just don't.

I'm torn though, I am.

I'm hoping that by writing every day maybe a new style will emerge from the smoggy polution of activity and I can keep up my current go-go lifestyle but still have a finger on the pulse of my keyboard.

This remains to be seen but, fingers crossed I guess.

In other news, Rosie ate a roach motel.
But if I did, at least I know now that my dog would be fine if she got hold of the poison needed to eliminate them.

Jesus, nobody tell that story to my mother. She would just die on so many levels.

arizonasarah at 4:58 p.m.

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