Will I or Won't I

If I didn't have a new person shadowing me this afternoon, I would totally sneak out. Not that it's easy to do but believe me, where there is a will, there is a way. My will is unbending on this. I want to go home and clean and let the cats out.
Speaking of the cats, since it is finally back to the way Tucson, AZ should be: 80s, sunshine, flowers blooming, the cats have no interest in coming inside in the evenings. For awhile I was pulling their strings by not feeding them when I got home and instead, just letting them go play, knowing that when they got hungrey enough, they'd come to the door.
Well now it's warm and they are not eating as much and the bowl is not guaranteed to be empty when I get home. This is bad because there is no easy way to get Grace to come inside unless she is responding to a physical need.
Last night, for the second time in my life, I climbed out of my bathroom window (and thank god I am still small enough to do that because a few more pounds and it's not going to be possible), precariously navigated the 5 inch ledge and prayed fervently that there were no poisonous spiders living in the eaves, and somehow managed to balance myself half on the hot water heater and half on the outside ledge of the window sill so that I could use both hands to first tempt and then seize and then lift Grace into the house.
It was 10:30 pm.
Bitch needed to come in and she was still all talky-talky from the tree she climbed, thinking that she could party on.
Think again dude. My opposable thumbs will let me win every time.
But the big news is the spring fever.
I would LOVE to go home and lay in the sun and read and smell the springtime. One more day, I guess.
I am going to a clothing exchange tomorrow. It's one of the first social settings where I will see Namoli and I'll be honest; I'm not sure how I feel about that. I really still prefer one-on-one because I am not to the point where I am ready to know who she's dating and possibly see them together. I'm assuming here but simple fact: I'm not ready for that.
So I guess I'm kind of on the fence about going to the clothing exchange and I can't quite figure out how to figure out if I am going to have to hear about or see a new relationship.
So how do I figure out if I even go?
I have no idea.
I may be doing some serious research this evening.
I suppose if I went head-on, that would be my best bet. Just call the girl and see if she is involved romantically and if that person is going to go to the clothing exchange.
But am I mature enough to do that?
I have no idea.
I guess I'll find out in the next few hours or so.

arizonasarah at 12:50 p.m.

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