Great Start to the Day

There's a Broker on the loose this morning and I am directly in her path of burning destruction.
This could be the end friends and lovers, this could really be it.
If my head manages to stay firmly affixed to my neck and no blood vessels in my brain explode before this workplace terrorism leaves for the Big Meeting then the victory will be mine.
I just wanna live!
I was all prepared to have a lovely day and I came in and the broker was already here (bad) and calling me to her office (very bad), not by phone mind you.
She was literally yelling from her desk:
"Sarah. I need you for a minute"
"What does this MEAN? This doesn't make any sense. Can you get it a different way or will that be too much work for you?"
It's not enough that I'm standing in someone's office knowing full-well that frustration is about to be vented onto me. I am also going to endure subtle insults?
For the record, I put the project together in a way that would easily finesse the gaping holes that exist because this is way too early in the game to be giving out the info that the carriers want before they let me in on all of their dirty little secrets.
If I want info from them, I have to give a little. I can't give more than what I gave already right now and they won't give more until I hand over names and effective dates. I get it... they want to make sure this isn't a goose chase and I honestly can't tell them that it's not right now.
So I shrunk the project and got chewed for doing so.
Now, I've gone back and filled in where I can but there's not a lot I can fill in and I think it makes everyone look worse for having a big but incomplete picture, rather than a small but secure one.
She'll be gone soon enough and then I get a free lunch and then I leave because my throat hurts and I woke up at 4 am today.
Go ahead ask me why.
I have no idea.
I woke up at 4 am, dyed the grey out of my hair, played with the d-o-double-g, took a 45 minute shower, exfoliated, and went to Wal-Mart before work.
Oh Christ, here she comes.
I'll have to post again later, maybe.
I am convinced that I'm leaving early to wallow in something, whether it is bagles, self-pity, dog dookie, or alcoholic beverages matters not to me.
I have an estimated two more hours of eggshell walking and listening tensely from my cubicle for the sound of stomping broker feet on the approach for an interrogation session.

arizonasarah at 8:58 a.m.

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