Cat Naps

It's going to be touch-and-go for a bit while I am launching myself around the country and heading to Illy to test my sugar will-power and actual dedication to exercise.

It could be that both are a total sham if I know that I'm not going to get singled out by a coach for being sloppy or tired or something.

Actually that's not true... I am pretty highly motivated right now but damn, is it hard to keep up a work-out schedule when your day looks like this:
Fly to Seattle, arrive at 4, up at 5 the next day- their time, Seattle client at 7, Vegas at 11 pm, overnight, appointment at 11 am, back to Tucson, work so you can have tomorrow off and go to practice.
As soon as I get in the regular swing of things, I am off on a slightly less-grueling trip to Atlanta and then to Chicago.

Mainly, I don't know what to where there. I do not have clothes that are even close to warm enough, you have to wear shoes you can walk in, which aren't really what I wear to go out anywhere here, smoking is allowed in bars, and... it's just....
I'll have fun, I always do but there's never a decrease in the sense of dread that I feel when I go there to hang with Chicago friends.
It's a lot of city and I'm capable of a lot of trouble and I've never come out of Chicago without something hanging onto an ankle or, at least to a thread of a story that illustrates the inherent dangers to city living.
By the way, I am usually too drunk to notice those dangers when I am actually in the city and although I'm surprisingly savvy and obviously sort of more badass than even I want to be, there's always the fact that next time, things may not go so much in my favor.

Then I go downstate for like, ever.
Which is good.
REALLY good.
I'm looking forward to it more than I have in years past and with a sense of coming full-circle for some reason.
It's pretty sweet.

Maggie is no longer in residence, which is cool.
She never really accepted Rosie. There were....
And now she has a whole estate in the country that some lady bought with the intention of building a house. While the house is going up, the lady is in a trailer and guess what's joined her?
Maggie is better than a single doctor for this chick.
I'm also quite happy with it. The fact is that Maggie was living outside full-time and now she's doing it at someone else's house.
My place is about as full of cats as any place can be; at this point, I totally get it when people tell me that they hate cats or that they are afraid of them. I dig the felines and I'll always love them but they pile up and they are destructive and they smell. Due to that vile hippy who used to live next door to me, the one who thought she was helping the world by feeding strays but not having them altered and vaccinated, there is a whole pile of cats to smell and hear at night-time. I will never forgive that person for what she did, ever. It's the very height of irresponsibility to be righteous over that which you're not going to tend for very long. She lived there for about three months. It's consistently disappointing to meet jerks who think they are perpetuating some level of kindness or connecting the universe or shit when they feed strays. They are actually hobbling a feral animal. I fucking hate these people so much, I can't even stand it. Granted I've had two hours of sleep in the last 48 but seriously.... she ruined my place and ruined several cats with her hippy bullshit.

Ever since she moved into her car, guess who coats the walkway and door with Out! Pet Odor Remover! every evening? Less cats is not a bad thing, altogether.

But I couldn't ditch them both.
Grace is a special friend. She's a cat who gets in the shower with me, on whom I have spent more time and money cleaning and vetting illness and wounds, and who will be in the EXACT SAME SPOT next to me when I wake up each morning, provided I don't roll over her during the night.
She follows me where ever I go and I couldn't picture her being happy with Life on the Farm.
Soooooo... luckily, I overheard the lady say she was hustling to the driver's seat to get the air turned on for Maggie, so it's all good.

And I only have a cat and a doglet now.
I can reasonably move whenever and where ever I want to.

For now, though, I think I need to move through the pile of shit on my desk so I can go home and maybe sort of almost get to some semblance of at least knowing what time it really is and where I will be in the morning.

arizonasarah at 1:35 p.m.

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