Mi Casa Video es Mi Mr. Casa

Dear Casa Video Guy,

It was when you took one of my fliers for your own personal use and I told you it was my first game ever. We shared the sentiment that it was a pretty terrifying thing for a girl, her first rollerderby game.

It was then that I fell in love with you.

I'd already liked you - you waived that late fee a few weeks ago and you always seem to be a little bit removed from the Movie Goons in their little green vests.
I'd already noticed that your vest is a little cleaner and doesn't have the unmistakable wrinkle of Crumpled in Corner of Parents' Basement Where [I] Live Now.

You obviously hang your vest up after work, or at least drape it carefully across the couch in your OWN apartment.
Or perhaps one you share with roommates.

Anyway, as soon as I noticed you, I could see that you are sensitive but not in a way that makes you feel sorry for yourself.
I could also see that your hair was intentionally that messy and your glasses were chosen certainly for their seeming lack of style which weirdly makes you have a sexy, kind of art-major appeal.

I bet you're from Texas and you're rebelling against long, tight jeans and red meat but secretly, you wish there was a dance hall here, with an ally behind it where nothing really illicit ever happens but where, IF something illicit were to happen, that's where it would go down.

You probably left Texas to go to school here and find your artists' vision.

Instead, you found marijuana and a girl from Scottsdale whose jeans cost more than the U-Haul trailer you hitched to your Toyota when you moved here 7 years ago.

Now you've cleaned up a little and gotten the job at the video store.
It's alright, even though you're stuck working with ultra-hipsters and glorified comic book geeks - glorified because they came by their membership to Geeks International through what is at least a 3-D medium.

You've already been accepted to the MFA program and that is.... awesome.

Because before you know it, we can start a life together and have a few years in Tucson - you for your MFA and me for my rollerderby.

The world will be our Oyster, Mr. Casa Video. We can go anywhere, do anything.... or just go back to your little Texas town. You can teach school and I'll hang my skates up, learn to make chili, and grow a garden for Rosie to stomp through in her old-age.

It is a beautiful life, Mr. Casa.

We can start it tomorrow.... it's 2 for 1 Tuesday tomorrow so it just seems poetic for our love to begin tomorrow.

arizonasarah at 8:49 a.m.

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